[Haskell-cafe] is anyone familiar with "Comprehending Queries" by Torsten Grust?

Torsten Grust torsten.grust at uni-tuebingen.de
Sun Mar 28 15:58:33 EDT 2010


feel free to contact me when it comes to questions regarding
``Comprehending Queries.''  

Understanding database queries as (specific) functional programs
is far from being an obsolete endeavor.  Quite the contrary. 
Think LINQ (Microsoft) or Links (Philip Wadler).  Or Kleisli
(Limsoon Wong).  Or monoid comprehensions (Leo Fegaras). 
Or Ferry (my group at U Tübingen) [1].

  --Torsten (no `h' in here ;-)

[1] http://www.ferry-lang.org/

On Mar 28, 2010, at 16:04 , Günther Schmidt wrote:
> Hi all,
> is anyone here familiar with the paper "Comprehending Queries" by Thorsten Grust? http://kops.ub.uni-konstanz.de/volltexte/1999/312/pdf/312_1.pdf
> As the paper dates from 1999 I wonder if its content may have been "obsoleted" by later works or if it still is pretty much current.
> I ask this because I'm still struggling to put my program with lots of queries on a more sound code base.
> Günther
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