[Haskell-cafe] Re: Are there any female Haskellers?

Günther Schmidt gue.schmidt at web.de
Sun Mar 28 13:14:11 EDT 2010

Am 28.03.10 18:51, schrieb Christopher Lane Hinson:
>>> It was probably also uncool to call out a specific woman by name, 
>>> who did not volunteer for this.
>> Do suggest I did so? I don't recall mentioning anyone by name.
> No, you didn't.  That was someone else.
>> "I like haskell, am interested in it, appreciate being in contact 
>> with people who do"
> That's the haskell community pledge of allegiance, right there. 
> Congratulations, you wrote it!
Oh dear .... what was I getting myself into when I subscribed :)

>> One thing I do notice, one starts with a harmless question and it out 
>> of the blue it suddenly becomes political. In both ways. Is there 
>> really a need for this?
> Yes, because what may be a harmless abstract question to you may 
> directly affect someone else's day-to-day life.  Try to learn from 
> people in these situations, even if you are frustrated by them.
This is definately a point where we will continue to disagree. I found 
myself assuming that there are no female haskellers and wanted to verify 
it by asking for data. At such a point, while the facts where not even 
yet established I had not even thought about interpretations, cause or 
implications, I started from scratch. I am not a scientist but believe 
that this approach broadly qualified as a scientific one. Well yes I 
know that science is not popular with everyone.

So I continue to think that some responses where "disproportionate", a 
point to think about in itself.

Best regards


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