[Haskell-cafe] Re: really difficult for a beginner like me...

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Wed Mar 24 14:24:43 EDT 2010

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>Thank you.
>I will try it
>What about the second part, capitalisation thing? can you help me with that as 
>"Treat a capitalised word (one or more capitals) as being different from the 
>word in all lower case unless it is at the start of a sentence with only the 
>initial letter capitalised."

Well, the obvious idea is to do that by lower-casing the words which fit these criteria
before further processing. Identifying the start of a sentence is difficult if you have to
take all possibilities for dots, question marks and exclamation marks into account, but
probably treating just the semi-obvious cases is enough (check whether you have e.g.
an abbreviation instead of an end-of-sentence dot), that's not too hard.

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