[Haskell-cafe] Happstack/Apache configuration problem

Maciej Podgurski maciej.podgurski at googlemail.com
Thu Mar 18 12:18:01 EDT 2010


I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask because the problem may 
lay in my Apache or system configuration.

I use the Apache proxy module to forward a HTTP request from port 80 to 
a Happstack application listening on port 8000 via `ProxyPass / 
http://localhost:8000/' on Windows XP. When calling http://my_domain in 
the browser, I get `503 service temporarily unavailable' and in the 
apache logs `proxy: HTTP: attempt to connect to 
(localhost) failed'. So I tried to access manually 
in the browser but got a connection error, while http://[::1]:8000/ 
works perfectly and displays the content returned from the Happstack 

Maybe I'm wrong, but isn't the problem here that Happstack only accepts 
IPv6 addresses, while Apache forwards an IPv4 request?

Best wishes,


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