[Haskell-cafe] Proposal: Australian Hackathon

Ben Lippmeier benl at ouroborus.net
Tue Mar 16 01:44:44 EDT 2010

On 16/03/2010, at 4:28 PM, Ivan Miljenovic wrote:

> * A plotting library using Ben's newly released Gloss library (for
> people who can't or won't install Gtk2Hs to get Chart working; Alex
> Mason is interested in this)
> * Various graph-related project (graphviz, generic graph class, etc.;
> this assumes someone else apart from me cares about this stuff)
> * Hubris if Mark Wotton comes along
> * LLVM if David Terei comes

I'd suggest focusing on core Haskell infrastructure, like compilers and tools, rather than individual libraries -- though it all depends on who wants to come along.

> So, at least as an initial listing, we'd need to have a listing of:
> 1) Who's interested
> 2) What dates are good
> 3) What projects people want to work on
> 4) Where we can host this

You'll also want to consider how a proposed OzHaskell might align and/or combine with other events such as SAPLING[1] and fp-syd[2]. There is also the ICFP programming contest in a few months that many people will be interested in...

Hosting is not a problem. If people want to come to Sydney then I'm sure we can organise a room at UNSW. 


[1] http://plrg.ics.mq.edu.au/projects/show/sapling
[2] http://groups.google.com/group/fp-syd
[3] http://www.icfpconference.org/contest.html

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