[Haskell-cafe] Data.Binary.GetT or ... ?

Juraj Hercek juhe_haskell at hck.sk
Sat Mar 13 05:06:12 EST 2010


I'm thinking about using Data.Binary to parse binary stream of data. 
Binary data stream consists of messages which can have one or more 
(sometimes couple of hundreds) sub-messages.  The stream is spitting out 
data slowly.

I would like to parse this data with Data.Binary.Get monad, but I would 
like to send sub-messages to a STM channel while parsing, so "observers" 
could handle them during parsing process.

I believe I could achieve this with a Data.Binary.GetT transformer, but 
I'm not aware it exists.

Implementing GetT would take me a huge amount of time (I'm not that good 
haskeller). Splitting processing to message level and sub-message level 
and handling them by two separate "get"s in IO monad is a possibility, 
but not really appealing one (at least to me).

Is there another (preferably cheap) way of doing what I want?


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