[Haskell-cafe] how to write a function to send a string to a tuple

Pradeep Wickramanayake pradeep at talk.lk
Mon Mar 8 08:02:49 EST 2010



Im having problems with sending a string to a tuple. 


My string contains integers and strings


The whole string stay as ("test,dfdf",3,"dfsf")


sortList2 :: String -> String

sortList2 (x:xs) 

                | x == ',' = ""

                | otherwise = [x] ++ sortList2 xs


The above function separating each words from the string


Now I need to put them to a tuple


putList :: String -> (Int, String, String, Int, Int)

putList (x:xs)

                                                |xs /="" = sortList2 ++
putList xs



I wrote something like above. But I really have no clue how to continue. Can
someone help me. It's a big help

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