[Haskell-cafe] How to put data from a string to a tuple

Pradeep Wickramanayake pradeep at talk.lk
Fri Mar 5 10:52:50 EST 2010

As luke requested


Here is the codes and some more brief explanation. Please help me


 getItemFile :: IO String

 getItemFile  = 


                                                 test <- readFile

                                                 return test


im taking a file data to a string 


it contains string like "hello,world,I,am,a,new,developer"


so I need to put these each to a tuple. Because the content have Integers
and Strings


sortList2 :: String -> String

sortList2 (x:xs) 

                | x == ',' = ""

                | otherwise = [x] ++ sortList2 xs


Im breaking word by word from this above function


Now I need to send it to a tuple. Can someone help me how to do it. Is this
possible. Using recursion im checking each word till "," occurs

And taking that string and passing it to the tuple. 


Can someone please help me to do it. 






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