[Haskell-cafe] Functional programming techniques in small projects

Nick Rudnick joerg.rudnick at t-online.de
Tue Jun 22 00:41:38 EDT 2010

Hi Markus,

I am afraid your questions are formulated quite narrowly so that people 
you might like to reach might not feel addressed -- so it might be 
helpful to ask yourself how your subject might look in the perspective 
of an "average Haskeller", if a such dies exist at all.

At first, please explain what you understand as "post mass production" 
and how you expect this to be in a relationship with Haskell.

Then, agile software development is used at projects of various sizes -- 
but I guess you want to use this term to emphasize *small* projects -- 
inhowfar do you actually require such to follow agile specifications, 
how about small and one-man-projects which do not follow agile at all?

You are speaking about »student-driven software development«... it might 
be hard for some people to imagine what you mean by this and -- again -- 
inhowfar this relates to Haskell.

Could you please be a little more explicit?

All the best,


Markus Dönges wrote:
> Hello Community,
> I am a student from the University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany, and at 
> the moment I am writing my bachelor thesis about "Post-Mass-Prodcution 
> Softwaresupply/ -development in case of an University administration". 
> This approach deals with student-driven software development in which 
> functional programming techniques (ie, Haskell) and agile development 
> approaches matter.
> I am looking for opinions and statements on how small (agile) software 
> development projects may benefit from functional programming 
> techniques (perhaps in contrast to imperative programming techniques).
> Since I am at the very start, I would appreciate further literature 
> advices. In addition, does anybody know particular people who are 
> familiar with this topic?
> Any answer is appreciated :-)
> Regards, Markus
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