[Haskell-cafe] HaskellWiki and Wikipedia

Ketil Malde ketil at malde.org
Thu Jun 17 16:44:08 EDT 2010

Roman Beslik <beroal at ukr.net> writes:

> I do not agree. They are not confused by other languages, they treat
> all languages as born equal. 

Are you saying this is a good thing?

> creating our separate source
> of knowledge leads to isolationism and narrow-minded vision. 

But also to a consistent, and actually *useful* resource.  I'm all for
having an open mind, but not so open that one's brain falls out.

> Maybe Wikipedia articles are bad because they are provided by
> community — then HaskellWiki will suffer likewise. :(

I don't think WP articles are bad because they are provided by a
community, but because they are provided by multiple communities, using
the terms in incompatible ways.

E.g the article on generic programming mainly talks about parametric
polymorphism.  The article on type systems starts off with some
definitions by Cardelli, but goes on to discuss so-called dynamic type
systems, which are an entirely different thing.

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