[Haskell-cafe] Third Ghent FPG Meeting on Tuesday, June 29: Final Program

Jeroen Janssen jejansse at gmail.com
Sun Jun 20 10:18:01 EDT 2010

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Dear all,

We have finalized the program for the third Ghent FPG Meeting on Tuesday, June 29 in the Technicum building of Ghent University (Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat 41, 9000 Gent) at 19h. As before, to enter the building, you should go to the automatic sliding door on the far left of the building and dial the phone number provided on the note that is taped to the door. Someone will then open the door for you.

The program is as follows:

1. Pierre Carbonnelle - Declarative programming for Business Logic - a new
Open-source project

Declarative programming has made major
inroads in the Presentation and Persistence layers of applications,
with HTML, CSS and SQL.  Why has it not been popular in the Business
Logic layer of applications ?  Pierre Carbonnelle, an engineer with 20
years of experience in the IT industry, will present a new open source
project, "Yoopf", that aims to fix this gap.  It uses the "formula-
based" models of spreadsheets for the development of business
applications, with a particular emphasis on the Google App Engine
platform.  Research opportunities will be discussed.

2. Tom Schrijvers - Monadic Constraint Programming

A constraint programming system combines two essential components: a
constraint solver and a search engine. The constraint solver reasons
about satisfiability of conjunctions of constraints, and the search
engine controls the search for solutions by iteratively exploring a
disjunctive search tree defined by the constraint program. We give a
monadic definition of constraint programming where the solver is
defined as a monad threaded through the monadic search tree. We are
then able to define search and search strategies as first class
objects that can themselves be built or extended by composable search
transformers. Search transformers give a powerful and unifying
approach to viewing search in constraint programming, and the
resulting constraint programming system is first class and extremely

This is joint work with Peter Stuckey (University of Melbourne) and
Philip Wadler (University of Edinburgh).

3. Wouter Kampmann, Lieven Lemiengre - Lightning Talk on Scala

Hope to see you there!

Bart Coppens (bart.coppens at elis.ugent.be)
Jeroen Janssen (jejansse at gmail.com)
Jasper Van der Jeugt (jaspervdj at gmail.com)
The Ghent FPG organizing committee.

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