[Haskell-cafe] Announce: hs2dot 0.1.1 - generate graphviz code by analyzing Haskell source code files

Oscar Finnsson oscar.finnsson at gmail.com
Wed Jun 16 13:57:52 EDT 2010

>> It's a small tool that lets you automatically generate graphviz/dot
>> code that visualize the relations between data types, types and type
>> classes.
> This sounds very familiar to my SourceGraph package that's already on
> Hackage...

I hope that some friendly competition can spur both of us to deliver
even better tooling :)

> You, however, also add the type signatures to your graph; I have the
> sneaking suspicion that this could get too noisy if you also try to
> visualise functions in a large module.

Visualizing every aspect is probably never a good idea. At the moment
I'm sketching on alternative visualizations where only relations
between modules show up or where the data constructors for data types
aren't visualized.

On a related note: has anyone yet tried to visualize the flow of the
IO monad in an application?

-- Oscar

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