[Haskell-cafe] Announce: hs2dot 0.1.1 - generate graphviz code by analyzing Haskell source code files

Oscar Finnsson oscar.finnsson at gmail.com
Tue Jun 15 17:01:13 EDT 2010


I've just released hs2dot on hackagedb.

It's a small tool that lets you automatically generate graphviz/dot
code that visualize the relations between data types, types and type

Example usage:

> hs2dot Hack.hs | dot -T pdf -o Hack.pdf

Multiple files can be analyzed together as in

> hs2dot Foo.hs Bar.hs | dot -T png -o FooBar.png

so their data types can point to each other.

Example diagrams generated using h2dot can be found at

Examples of real code analyzed:
(from hpage)
http://github.com/finnsson/hs2graphviz/raw/master/Examples/Hack.png (from Hack)

Example of mock code analyzed:
(three files analyzed together)

The tool is still far from complete. Better handling of algebraic data
types and instance declarations are a must. GADTs, data families and
type synonym families are not yet implemented so they wont turn up.

-- Oscar

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