[Haskell-cafe] Announce snm-0.0.2: The Simple Nice-Looking Manual Generator

Johnny Morrice spoon at killersmurf.com
Mon Jul 26 22:36:07 EDT 2010

Hi list,

Recently, I've been working on a compiler/programming language

I became rather unstuck when I started spending more time documenting
the semantics instead of actually getting to work on the implementation.

Hence this program!

snm allows you to write clean, web-friendly reports, user guides and
manuals without having to edit fickle html.

snm allows you to structure your document in a modular fashion.

snm document sections are written in yaml and are easy to write and

snm is a generator of small, valid xhtml files.

Read the snm user guide here:

snm uses Yaml and generates XHTML, so it's a little like John
MacFarlane's yst[1], but yst is for making websites, while snm is
exclusively for creating structured reports.

It still has a lot of problems, not to mention no support for images, or
multiple pages, but I'm finding it usable (enough to document itself!)
so I thought it best to share :)

Sorry if I have left typos, it's very late

Have fun,

[1] John MacFarlane's yst: http://hackage.haskell.org/package/yst
[2] Yon aforementioned programming language project, in case anyone
fancies a peep.  Demoted to reference #2, on account of it not yet
compiling code :) http://github.com/elginer/Obelisk

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