[Haskell-cafe] Design for 2010.2.x series Haskell Platform site

Andrew Coppin andrewcoppin at btinternet.com
Sat Jul 17 07:37:19 EDT 2010

Thomas Schilling wrote:
> Haters gonna hate.

Well, I don't *hate* it. It just looks a little muddy, that's all. I 
tend to go for bright primary colours. But, as you say, each to their own...

The actual layout isn't bad. A bit tall-and-thin, but otherwise OK.

> The new wiki will have a user preference to switch back to the default
> monobook style.  You can always do that if you want.  It doesn't work
> fully, yet, but that's on my ToDo list.

Heh, well, maybe if we make half a dozen styles, there will be at least 
one that everyone is happy with. ;-)

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