[Haskell-cafe] hs-dotnet with Mono?

Brandon S Allbery KF8NH allbery at ece.cmu.edu
Sun Jul 11 00:06:24 EDT 2010

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On 7/10/10 23:58 , Tim Matthews wrote:
>> (If they were direct dependencies --- meaning that .Net bindings used them
>> directly --- then Mono couldn't exist.)
> I don't know all the details but I do know that .Net is written in C++/com
> and mono does not have any com.

And?  The whole point of the .net CLR is that the implementation (Windows
COM, Mono, etc.) is hidden; you work with the CLR directly, *not* the
implementation behind it.  (Otherwise, why bother talking to he relatively
slow CLR instead of using a native toolkit?)  hs-dotnet is binding to the
CLR interfaces, *not* the implementation details that the CLR is designed to
hide.  The CLR itself, of course, needs to link to other libraries supplying
its implementation details, but if that ever becomes visible at the level
hs-dotnet is using then the CLR is completely useless.

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