[Haskell-cafe] Re: chart "broken" under 6.12 according to criterion

Neil Brown nccb2 at kent.ac.uk
Thu Jul 1 19:11:25 EDT 2010

On 02/07/2010 00:03, wren ng thornton wrote:
> OS            = OSX 10.5.8
> GHC           = 6.12.1
> Cabal-Install = 0.8.2
> Cabal         =
> $> cabal install criterion -fChart --reinstall
>    Resolving dependencies...
> ...
>    Configuring cairo-0.11.0...
>    setup: gtk2hsC2hs is required but it could not be found.

I had this same problem installing gtk2hs originally.  As some helpful 
posters on reddit pointed out at the time 
you need:

cabal install gtk2hs-buildtools alex happy

before instlaling gtk2hs, and also to make sure that the location where 
cabal puts its binaries is in your $PATH.



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