[Haskell-cafe] hsql won't install due to system.time

John Lato jwlato at gmail.com
Fri Jan 22 06:17:15 EST 2010


Could this be a global/user install issue?  That is, if the old-time
package is installed per-user, and you're trying to install a package
globally, the user-installed packages all show up as hidden, because
they can't be dependencies of a global install.

This shows up frequently because global installs are the default when
doing "runghc Setup.hs install", but per-user installs are the default
for cabal install.  If you use both of these commands, you'll run into
this sooner or later.

You can run "ghc-pkg list" to get a listing of what's installed where.
 If "old-time" is only in the local database, you should reinstall it
into the global database (or install everything globally).


> From: Brian Denheyer <briand at aracnet.com>
> Database/HaskellDB/HSQL.hs:25:7:
>    Could not find module `System.Time':
>      it is a member of the hidden package `old-time-'
>      it is a member of the hidden package `old-time-'
>      Use -v to see a list of the files searched for.
> old-time- is installed (via cabal).
> Suggestions on how to fix this or which haskell db (for sqlite3) package
> will actually install greatly appreciated.
> I get a lot of failures in hackages which involve that dreaded "hidden
> package" message.  Anybody care to enlighten us mere mortals as to why
> it seems to occur so frequently (at least for me).
> Brian

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