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Fri Feb 26 12:26:19 EST 2010

Hi Daniel,

On Fri, 26 Feb 2010 15:31 +0100, "Daniel Fischer"
< at> wrote:
> Am Mittwoch 17 Februar 2010 12:17:10 schrieb Jeremy O'Donoghue:
> > You're probably correct about the dependencies. I have never tried to
> > compile wxHaskell against GHC 6.12.1
> Beating a dead horse, but today I decided to see whether I could install 
> wxHaskell, all it took was a few edits in some .cabal files and one in 
> wxcore's Setup to make it all build with 6.12.1.
> Still, it's annoying because you have to unpack everything, edit and
> cabal install in the unpacked directories.
> Now since I did that, I could upload new verxions of wxdirect, wxcore and 
> wx to hackage, so others could do a simple cabal install wx.

Thanks for doing this: it's great news for everyone who is on GHC

> But I would only do that if I get a go-ahead from somebody authorised 
> (since Jeremy uploaded the previous versions, he'd be qualified, I
> think).

You're right - I'm probably as qualified as anyone! I've found that
if a Cabal build works for one person, it's pretty reliable for all
is one of the joys of Cabal and (to a lesser extent) the Haskell

I'm quite happy for you to upload updates to Cabal. I'll pull them next
week and make sure that they get merged to the wxHaskell darcs repo. If
there are any reports of issues with the uploaded version (which I
I'll look into them, so you're not taking on any long-term support

> Or I could send the edits to Jeremy and let him do the uploading,
> whatever is preferred.

I have no strong preference - the only thing I want to be sure of is
that the 
darcs repo stays closely in sync with whatever is in Cabal. If you are
OK with
doing the upload, that's great. Otherwise I'll be very happy to do it
based on
your patches.

Best regards
  Jeremy O'Donoghue
  jeremy.odonoghue at

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