[Haskell-cafe] problem loading package unix- while installing hackages on OpenSuse

Daniel Fischer daniel.is.fischer at web.de
Fri Feb 26 07:39:41 EST 2010

Am Freitag 26 Februar 2010 12:52:36 schrieb gmi:
> I have OpenSuse 11.2 running on VMWare and I have recently installed ghc
> 6.10.4 from the RPM from OpenSuse. Now I want to install cabal. I have
> downloaded the required packages from hackage and I try to run:

In principle, just unpacking the cabal-install package and running 
bootstrap.sh is far far easier.

> runhaskell Setup configure on any of these packages. With option -v I
> can see an error while linking unix- I am no expert on OpenSuse
> yet. Does anyone know what's happening here?
> linux-nrvh:/home/gmi/Download/cabal/zlib- # runhaskell -f
> /usr/bin/ghc -v Setup configure --with-compiler=ghc-6.10.4
> ...
> Loading package filepath- ... linking ... done.
> Loading package unix- ... Setup: <command line>: can't load
> .so/.DLL for: dl (libdl.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file
> or directory)

You seem to not have libdl.so, which is needed by the unix package.
Can you confirm this by running

$ locate libdl


$ ls /usr/lib | grep libdl
$ ls /lib | grep libdl

if you don't have [the rights to run] locate)?
If that doesn't show something like


, you'll have to install glibc-devel, which provides /usr/lib/libdl.a and 
/usr/lib/libdl.so (the others are provided by glibc, but I can't imagine 
that you haven't that installed).
And while you're in YaST, installing software, grab almost every *-devel 
package you see, unless you're sufficiently sure that you will not need 
that one - installing one more devel-package a week becomes annoying pretty 

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