[Haskell-cafe] Category Theory woes

Alexander Solla ajs at 2piix.com
Tue Feb 16 14:30:20 EST 2010

On Feb 16, 2010, at 9:43 AM, Gregg Reynolds wrote:

> I've looked through at least a dozen.  For neophytes, the best of  
> the bunch BY FAR is Goldblatt, Topoi: the categorial analysis of  
> logic .  Don't be put off by the title.  He not only explains the  
> stuff, but he explains the problems that motivated the invention of  
> the stuff.  He doesn't cover monads, but he covers all the basics  
> very clearly, so once you've got that down you can move to another  
> author for monads.

He does cover monads, briefly.  They're called "triples" in this  
context, and the chapter on interpretations of the intuitionistic  
logic depend on functorial/monadic techniques.  If I remember  
correctly, he uses the techniques and abstracts from them.
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