[Haskell-cafe] Virus alert while installing happstack

Marc Weber marco-oweber at gmx.de
Sun Feb 14 21:28:22 EST 2010

Hi Maciej,

Several open source projects suffered from false positives.
Usually you sent the file to the company having written your Virus
detection application for review. It may be a Virus. However it's very
unlikely. If you're in doubt you should compile from source and also
check the source which was used to compile ghc .. etc. I want to say if
you really want to be secure the amount of work is infinity.

So I'd sent the file to AntiVir. Then I would go one ignoring the
warning (If it *is* a Virus don't make me responsible for any damage -
you never know.) I just tell you what I would do. Maybe delete the file
and redownload it to make sure that it wasn't modified while traveling
through the net?  You can also paste the md5sum of those executables.
Maybe someone else can verify them easily.

Good luck
Marc Weber

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