[Haskell-cafe] Re: How many "Haskell Engineer I/II/III"s are there?

Michael Oswald muell_om at gmx.net
Thu Feb 11 04:39:26 EST 2010

On 02/10/2010 04:59 PM, Jason Dusek wrote:
>   I wonder how many people actually write Haskell,
>   principally or exclusively, at work?

Well, my main language at work in the moment is C++, we also use Java, a
lot of Tcl and Python.

I use Haskell for my own programs and test utilities / converters. The
biggest achievement at work was an Installer program, which was quite
complicated and had to be safe and of course we had time pressure, so I
quickly coded it in Haskell. It is now used in the installation
procedure of a part from a big mission control system for satellites.


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