[Haskell-cafe] Re: Anyone up for Google SoC 2010?

Petr Rockai me at mornfall.net
Thu Feb 4 18:41:38 EST 2010


> We're particularly interested in three things:
>  (i) making Darcs faster
>  (ii) building nice GUI tools and
>  (iii) working seamlessly with SVN/Git repositories
>> Both of these roles are called "mentor" in the Google system.  Putting  
>> together a good team of mentors before applying as an organisation is  
>> helpful towards us being accepted into the programme.
> I'll volunteer as a mentor if it helps.
> Darcs users: if you have a few spare hours this summer, this would be
> a most excellent way to participate.  Stick your hand up :-)

I am volunteering as a mentor as well. My schedule is too crammed to go
the student way this year (and, probably, any future year).

I am particularly interested in mentoring (i) kinds of projects
mentioned by Eric above, but other will do, depending on what
prospective students come up with.


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