[Haskell-cafe] Re: Anyone up for Google SoC 2010?

Eric Y. Kow eric.kow at gmail.com
Thu Feb 4 18:29:33 EST 2010

On 31 Jan 2010, Malcolm Wallace pointed out:
> Google has announced that the Summer of Code programme will be running  
> again this year.  If haskell.org people would like to take part again  
> this year, then we need volunteers:

The Darcs Team would certainly be delighted to participate in GSoC 2010,
perhaps under the haskell.org umbrella.

Leslie Hawthorne from Google has suggested the possibility of them being
"able to wrangle an extra slot or two for [Haskell.org] if they are
acting as an umbrella org for darcs."


I think we should make it very very clear that we would like this!

> First,
>      * suggestions for suitable projects
>            (in the past this was organised using a reddit)
>      * an administrator to co-ordinate the application to Google
>            (I have done it for the last three years but am very willing
>             to hand on to someone else)

I'll mention the Darcs ideas page here:

We're particularly interested in three things:
 (i) making Darcs faster
 (ii) building nice GUI tools and
 (iii) working seamlessly with SVN/Git repositories

As for (i), we are also particularly interested in benchmarking.
Criterion and now Progression seem like really great tools; hopefully,
we can put them to good use.  Meanwhile, perhaps there is extra room for
tools that help large programs in their benchmarking?  Two
particularities may be [A] not always knowing how to get good benchmarks
out of large coarse grained tasks ("run darcs check on this repository")
and [B] big benchmarks ("run darcs check... on the GHC repo")

> Google will accept applications from organisations in the period 8th -  
> 12th March 2010, approx 1900UTC.
> If haskell.org is accepted again, students can apply between 29th  
> March - 9th April.
> More volunteers will be required:
>      * to review student applications and choose which to accept
>      * to supervise the accepted students
> Both of these roles are called "mentor" in the Google system.  Putting  
> together a good team of mentors before applying as an organisation is  
> helpful towards us being accepted into the programme.

I'll volunteer as a mentor if it helps.

Darcs users: if you have a few spare hours this summer, this would be
a most excellent way to participate.  Stick your hand up :-)

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