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Hi, Daniel.

I had an "Aha!" moment and it all makes sense now. Just as the State monad can hold a generator (which can change) and pass it down a calculation chain, a Reader monad can hold an environment (which doesn't change) and pass it down a calculation chain. I was wondering how I could include a (global) house betting limit in that craps application I've been playing with (without passing it as a parameter) and it sounds like the Reader monad would be an ideal candidate. Correct? It also sounds like a job for monad transforms.


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On Wednesday 29 December 2010 19:30:11, michael rice wrote:
> Yes, I'd already noticed that ReaderT preceded Reader. Guess I'll have
> to check out the Indentity monad too. I hope it's not dependent upon yet
> another monad. 

No, the Identity monad stands alone.
And as the name suggests, it's pretty simple.

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