[Haskell-cafe] Unix emulation

Stephen Tetley stephen.tetley at gmail.com
Sun Aug 22 07:34:58 EDT 2010

Andrew, I was going to chastise you for being the only Windows
developer who has problems with MinGW / MSYS and spreading that
unpleasant internet commodity "FUD". However, I've just gone back to
mingw.org and its gone from "somewhat confusing" circa the last time I
installed (Christmas 2009) to "frankly abysmal". So while is was easy
to install MinGW / MSys a year ago I'll willing concede that it is
difficult now.

[A side issue - anyone who thinks socializing Hackage is a good idea
should pay mingw.org a visit...]

I followed this guide the last time I installed:


Having a slightly out-of-date installation shouldn't be a problem for
Haskell development.

Another side issue, commentators seem to be point to be pointing to
TDM-GCC for a sanely packaged version of MinGW, but it isn't
accompanied by MSys so wouldn't work for Haskell development.

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