[Haskell-cafe] Unix emulation [ANNOUNCE: Sifflet visual programming language, release 1.0!]

gdweber at iue.edu gdweber at iue.edu
Sat Aug 21 16:06:07 EDT 2010

Thanks to both Stephen Tetley
and Henk-Jan van Tuyl for pointing them out those pages on
installing curl and, in general, Unixy software, on Windows.
Both looked rather cryptic to me also, although I did not try them out.

I will try my hand at building a Windows binary for Sifflet
and making it available for folks to download.
I have recently acquired a Windows 7 system, partly for this very purpose.
It's a guest host under Linux/KVM, and I think it's 32-bit Windows
so it'll be a 32-bit binary, although my hardware is x86_64.
Will that be okay?

I haven't done *anything* with Haskell on Windows yet!
So the first step will be installing the Haskell Platform,
which I hope will go smoothly, but the rest might take some
time, if I succeed at all.

Other options seem to be:
-   Asking for curl and hxt to be included in the Haskell Platform
-   Asking the author of hxt to split it into parts that do and do not
    depend on curl.
But either of these would also probably take some time, if they
are approved at all.

So, don't hold your breath, Andrew, but I'll try.

* http://haskell.forkio.com/Home/curl-win32


On 2010-Aug-20, Andrew Coppin wrote:
> Henk-Jan van Tuyl wrote:
> >Curl compiles without problems on my Windows XP system. There is a
> >HaskellWiki page [0] that describes how to compile packages with
> >Unix scripts on Windows systems.
> I did once try setting up MinGW and MSYS, just to see if I could
> make it work. But after many, many hours of trying to comprehend the
> terse documentation, I finally gave up. It's just too hard to get it
> to work. (I never even got as far as *trying* to build anything; I
> just couldn't install the tools.)
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