[Haskell-cafe] Re: String vs ByteString

Ivan Lazar Miljenovic ivan.miljenovic at gmail.com
Fri Aug 13 19:03:04 EDT 2010

Kevin Jardine <kevinjardine at gmail.com> writes:

> Hi Don,
> With respect, I disagree with that approach.
> Almost every modern programming language has one or at most two
> standard representations for strings.

Almost every modern programming language thinks you can whack a print
statement wherever you like... ;-)

> That includes PHP, Python, Ruby, Perl and many others. The lack of a
> standard text representation in Haskell has created a crazy patchwork
> of incompatible libraries requiring explicit and often inefficient
> conversions to connect them together.
> I expect Haskell to be higher level than those other languages so that
> I can ignore the lower level details and focus on the algorithms. But
> in fact the string issue forces me to deal with lower level details
> than even PHP requires. I end up with a program littered with ugly
> pack, unpack, toString, fromString and similar calls.

So, the real issue here is that there is not yet a good abstraction over
what we consider to be textual data, and instead people have to code to
a specific data type.

Ivan Lazar Miljenovic
Ivan.Miljenovic at gmail.com

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