[Haskell-cafe] Re: Build failure for PortMidi on mac: incorrect Block.h

Brian Victor homeusenet4 at brianhv.org
Fri Aug 13 09:58:32 EDT 2010

Stephen Tetley wrote:
> Possibly you need to supply extra-include-dirs (and extra-lib-dirs) to cabal.

I tried --extra-include-dirs=/usr/include (the directory where the real
Block.h resides) and there was no change.  Adding the -v flag showed
cabal trying to build with this line: 

/usr/bin/ghc -Iportmidi/pm_common -Iportmidi/pm_mac -Iportmidi/porttime -I/usr/include -package base- -optc-msse2 -optc-O2 -odir dist/build -c portmidi/pm_mac/pmmacosxcm.c

Since it still picked up the GHC Block.h instead of
/usr/include/Block.h, it seems as though ghc searches its own headers
before those specified with -I.  I suspect if I had a way to change
that, it would work.


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