GUI (was: Re: [Haskell-cafe] DLL on Windows)

Daniel Fischer at
Sun Apr 18 15:41:06 EDT 2010

Am Sonntag 18 April 2010 20:59:25 schrieb Neil Mitchell:
> Hi,
> I thought this thread suggested that a cabal install wx would now
> work?

It does, as far as I can tell.

> I just tried it and got:
> ...
> generated 2439 constant definitions
> ok.
> setup.exe: wx-config: does not exist

That's not our fault, I think :)
You need wxWidgets-2.8.*.
wx-config should have been installed as part of the wxWidgets package. Is 
that not included in the windows-installer of wxWidgets?

$ which wx-config
$ wx-config --help

 wx-config [--prefix[=DIR]] [--exec-prefix[=DIR]] [--release] [--version-
           [--list] [--selected-config] [--host=HOST] [--toolkit=TOOLKIT]
           [--universal[=yes|no]] [--unicode[=yes|no]] [--debug[=yes|no]]
           [--static[=yes|no]] [--version[=VERSION]] [--basename] [--cc]
           [--cppflags] [--cflags] [--cxxflags] [--rescomp] [--libs] [--
           [--ld] [--linkdeps] [--utility=UTIL] [LIB ...]

    wx-config returns information about the wxWidgets libraries available 
  your system.  It may be used to retrieve the information required to 
  applications using these libraries using --cppflags, --cflags,  --
  and --libs options.

> cabal: Error: some packages failed to install:
> wx- depends on wxcore- which failed to install.
> wxcore- failed during the configure step. The exception was:
> ExitFailure 1
> If wxHaskell could be installed with one cabal command that would be
> incredibly cool :-)
> Thanks, Neil

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