[Haskell-cafe] GHC, odd concurrency space leak

Gregory Collins greg at gregorycollins.net
Wed Apr 14 17:13:13 EDT 2010

Jesper Louis Andersen <jesper.louis.andersen at gmail.com> writes:

> This post describes some odd behaviour I have seen in GHC 6.12.1 when writing
> Combinatorrent. The post is literate Haskell so you can run it. The executive
> summary: A space leak occurs when a new process is spawned from inside another
> process - and I can't figure out why. I am asking for help on haskell-cafe.
> ...[snip]...
>> import Control.Monad.State

Does the problem go away if you use "Control.Monad.State.Strict"?

Gregory Collins <greg at gregorycollins.net>

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