[Haskell-cafe] Hackage accounts and real names

David House dmhouse at gmail.com
Tue Apr 6 04:36:35 EDT 2010

2010/4/6 Jonas Almström Duregård <jonas.duregard at gmail.com>:
> Maybe users could choose between using a real name and being given a
> random one (like Anonymous<N>). This will (1) protect from data
> mining, (2) protect from government persecution and (3) keep the
> damned 1337 Haxxor names away from Hackage :)

I think this is a bad idea as it ruins recognisability. How am I meant
to know that anonymous1 on hackage is the same person as mrfoo on
haskellwiki, for example?

P.s. if (3) is your real reason for supporting this restriction,
please rethink your perspective. You are supporting a policy that is
hurting the community for mere aesthetic reasons.

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