[Haskell-cafe] OT: the format checker for ICFP 2010 papers, help!

Thomas Schilling nominolo at googlemail.com
Thu Apr 1 12:25:44 EDT 2010

Do you perhaps have some text that run into the margins?  If I have
references of the form "Longname~\emph{et~al.}~\cite{foobar}" Latex
does not know how to split this up the text extends into the margins.
A similar problem might occur for verbatim sections.  I submitted a
paper based on the standard stylesheet earlier today and did not
encounter any problems.

If that is not the issue try to contact Stephanie as Wouter suggested.

On 1 April 2010 10:21, Iustin Pop <iusty at k1024.org> wrote:
> This is off-topic, apologies in advance, but I hope people here have
> experience with this.
> I submitted a paper for ICFP but the paper checker says: “Margins too
> small: text block bigger than maximum 7in x 9in on pages 1–6 by 4–5% in
> at least one dimension”.
> Now, I've used the standard class file and template, didn't alter any of
> the margins/columns spacing, my paper size is set to letter, and
> pdflatex doesn't give me any overfull hboxes. Does anyone know why the
> error happens in this case?
> Also, if the format checker is available somewhere for download so that
> I can pre-check my paper, that'd be great.
> thanks,
> iustin
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