[Haskell-cafe] Market Place for Haskell development teams?

Alberto G. Corona agocorona at gmail.com
Wed Sep 30 15:39:37 EDT 2009

>   This reminds me of the whole agent thing -- pretty much dominated by
> Java (e.g., Jade, Jason, Jack) nowadays --, for which I would bet lots
> things are done more straigthforward using Haskell -- especially those parts
> the Java coders are usually proud of... Let's maybe speak of *second order
> scalability*:
> As first order scalability would rather be a matter in space time load
> increased by repetitions, the concern of second order scalability would be
> more about a *fractal* expansion of concepts like a *closure* -- Haskell,
> already in a vivid exchange with interactive theorem proving (e.g. Coq
> adopts type classes from Haskell and dependent types vice versa) seems
> excellently prepared... :-)

Interesting. I´m working in something like second order scalability. Instead
of brute performance by  redundancy,  high speed networks and fast disks,
scalability can be achieved by looking at the properties of the data.

> I ever tended to say financial applications are especially prone to be
> boring -- the prototype of repetitive IT, even for strategy the stupid
> 'traffic lights cockpits' or OLAP(!) ... But this problem is rather supply
> driven to me.
> For sure. This is supply driven. There are a lack of new ideas mainly
because the technology is low level and obsolete.
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