[Haskell-cafe] Market Place for Haskell development teams?

Jörg Roman Rudnick joerg.rudnick at t-online.de
Tue Sep 29 05:48:52 EDT 2009

These problems are critical -- but not hopeless, I think:

(1) A simple technical matter, any average Haskell programmer (including 
myself...) can build a platform, e.g. in Happstack or the like, to clear 
this up (given you want to do this in Haskell ;-).

(4) This is a special one, which I have pondered on some time ago. The 
customers' main concern seems to be "will this company still support me 
in n years??"
o   if the project is interesting enough, I see hope there might be some 
academic unit willing to partake in this, as I have heard enough 
complaint of not having enough examples to demonstrate business 
relevance to students. Normally, the customer should have no problem in 
believing an academic unit and its interests to last some time.
o   I would propose to pick up the insourcing concept -- as, what I can 
confirm by my own teaching experiences, it sometimes is easier to 
introduce Haskell to beginners (once the do have sufficient OS 
experience) then to people who already are adherents of some other 
language. Ok, we might need some more introductory literature etc.

(3) Yes, there seem to be lots of people organized at a smaller level 
than what I described -- groups of one or very few members, working on a 
limited time range.

Yesterday, I would have written there should be remarkable interest in 
greater projects, but, due to the poor resonance to my mail, I feel wary 
to do so now.

(3)&(2) Such a reserved reaction might indicate many Haskellers are not 
motivated by the money but by the fame, and -- as the lively succJava 
thread shows -- what could be greater fame (besides the evaluation of 
42) than stealing the Java etc. community just another attractive 
project? ;-))

Do I go wrong in saying there's a good deal of competitive spirit in the 
Haskell community interesting in taking claims away of other programming 
cultures which have grown saturated over the years? And, isn't the this 
*Haskeller bonus* indicating that doing the step to larger project 
should not be as hard as for others?

A remaining issue might be a need for some facility to find cooperations 
and realize synergies -- see (1).

Enough blah-blah. I got one email response (not posted to here) of a 
highly qualified Haskeller whom I could name two projects which might 
have interested him in his proximity, 80 miles and 75 miles away (and I 
do not have so many...). My learning is that a communication platform in 
this concern might be interesting to at least some of us. There are 
larger projects possible -- if we pick them up.

All the best,


John A. De Goes wrote:
> It's very difficult to find information on:
>     1. How many Haskell developers are out there;
>     2. What a typical salary is for a Haskell developer;
>     3. Whether or not the skills of a typical Haskell developer scale
>     to large applications (most Haskell developers are "hobby"
>     Haskellers and have only written tiny to small Haskell apps);
>     4. How many shops are capable of handling Haskell development &
>     maintenance.
> These are the kinds of information one needs to make an informed 
> decision about whether to introduce Haskell into the workplace.
> Regards,
> John A. De Goes
> N-Brain, Inc.
> The Evolution of Collaboration
> http://www.n-brain.net    |    877-376-2724 x 101
> On Sep 28, 2009, at 7:01 AM, Jörg Roman Rudnick wrote:
>> In the last months, I made the experience it seems difficult to find 
>> commercial Haskell developer teams to take responsibility for 
>> projects in the range of $ 10.000 - 100.000. The Industrial Haskell 
>> Group does not seem to be the appropriate place for this, while 
>> harvesting Haskell team at general market places appears to be tedious.
>> I would be very interested in others' experiences, and inhowfar my 
>> opinion is shared that there should be a demand for such a market 
>> place, for developer teams as well as those sympathizing with 
>> introducing Haskell somewhere.
>> Nick
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