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Curt Sampson cjs at starling-software.com
Mon Sep 28 09:49:44 EDT 2009

On 2009-09-28 07:01 -0600 (Mon), John A. De Goes wrote:

> And I stand by my statement that no Java shop is going to switch over
> to Haskell....

I have counterexamples. So "pfffft!"

> ...or the _billions of dollars_ worth of commercial- 
> friendly open source libraries available for the Java platform.

Right; the library myth. I rank this one up there with, "Haskell can
never be an effective programming language, because it doesn't have

I've been hearing that having lots of libraries is an insurmountable
advantage, and you're doomed if you give them up, since long before I
took up Haskell. It's mostly myth promulgated by people driven by fear.
I'm sure it's the case in some shops that they have lots of people who
can glue libraries together but can't program, and they somehow manage
to produce applications this way, but even that I suspect is not so
frequent a situation as you'd think.

Nonetheless, since all of this is rather missing the point of my
articles, anyway, I think I'll leave that as my last word on the topic.

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