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Curt Sampson cjs at starling-software.com
Sun Sep 27 22:10:06 EDT 2009

On 2009-09-27 10:36 -0600 (Sun), John A. De Goes wrote:

> I'm not sure what the point of your series is. No one who is using Java 
> now commercially can move to Haskell because Haskell doesn't run on the 
> JVM.

That's a rather strong statement, and I don't accept it. I can not only
think of many possible circumstances where it would be possible for a
Java-using shop to write a piece of software that doesn't run on the
JVM, but I have sween many of these. There are lots of shops out there
using, e.g., C++ code as well as Java code, who are already obviously
able to use non-JVM languages.

Given that, one point would be to show that there are more benefits
to be gained by switching from Java to Haskell than there are from
switching from Java to one of the other languages mentioned. This may be
enough to tip some shops into Haskell.

Second, it might inspire people to have a look at bringing a more
Haskell-like language to the JVM, or add more Haskell-like features to
existing JVM languages.

Third, even if a shop is not going to switch, having people understand
what's out there, and where many of these ideas come from, is a good
thing, I feel.

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