[Haskell-cafe] accessible layout proposal?

Jimmy Hartzell jim at shareyourgifts.net
Wed Sep 23 14:15:08 EDT 2009

> I am a bit puzzled here.
> This seems to mean something like
>   "If you take readable code using an operator you can
>    make it less readable, and when you do that you create
>    another problem as well, and an even less readable hack
>    can fix that."
> "I know an old lady who swallowed a fly..."

This proposal notwithstanding, I find 'concat [a, b, c]' much more
readable than (a) ++ (b) ++ (c), especially since the parentheses in the
latter might be necessary (or become necessary unexpectedly upon editing),
whereas in the former order of operations is never a concern. Furthermore,
why repeat the (++) over and over again, when really you are making a
*list* of things to add, and should be using a list?

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