[Haskell-cafe] wxMac/wxHaskell focus problem, a quick solution

Iain Barnett iainspeed at gmail.com
Thu Oct 29 16:00:40 EDT 2009

On 29 Oct 2009, at 15:41, Gregory Crosswhite wrote:
> You don't have to turn a program into an application in order to  
> make the GUI work

This is true, but I don't think it's better to import extra code  
where simple packaging (folders and a plist), which is actually very  
convenient, can do the job.

On 29 Oct 2009, at 15:16, Miguel Mitrofanov wrote:

> Isn't that what macosx-app is for?

Maybe, but it's no use if no one knows about it, and I just googled  
it and found this (and only this).


It's not in the documentation that came with my download of wxcore  
either. Hardly a great help to a newbie, like myself - is there any  
documentation? Is it a bash script or should I just guess and hope?  
Oh, sorry, I see it's in the unfindable wiki page! ;-)

In contrast to both of these methods, my script is easy, quick, and  
doesn't rely on memory - just go to the OSX Applescript menu! It's  
less code (it doesn't even touch the code) and less work, just run an  
applescript and keep everything neat.

Add to that, what I've done can be used generally, not just for  
wxHaskell (or even Haskell). Open up XCode and there are a lot of  
different types of projects to choose from, and then you have to know  
how to use the IDE. This is just a quick project set up for anything  
you want to do that is straightforward.


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