[Haskell-cafe] Word128, Word256

John Meacham john at repetae.net
Thu Oct 22 14:45:55 EDT 2009

jhc potentially has Word128, but it only has meaning when __int128_t is
defined for a given target. (gcc + x86_64 for instance). What would
something like Word256 mean? As in, the only reason to supply something
like Word128 in the compiler is so FFI calls involving __int128_t will
work, without a defined ABI type to map Word256 to, then a portable pure
haskell implementation seems just as good.

Your example doesn't seem to make sense, as the calling convention for
__int128_t (what Word128 would map to) and double x[2] are unlikely to
coincide. they are probably passed in different registers for instance.

Adding the ability for the FFI to pass complex types directly would be
useful. Something like 'CComplex CDouble' has been proposed before.. but
that again would be independent of a Word128 type.


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