[Haskell-cafe] Re: Libraries for Commercial Users

Don Stewart dons at galois.com
Thu Oct 8 13:24:17 EDT 2009

> 	* Haskell interfaces to Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Google, etc.

This one is fine:

        hs-twitter library: Haskell binding to the Twitter API
        delicious library: Accessing the del.icio.us APIs from Haskell (v2) 
        ffeed library and programs: Haskell binding to the FriendFeed API
        feed2lj program: Cross-post any RSS/Atom feed to LiveJournal
        flickr library and programs: Haskell binding to the Flickr API
        hS3 library and program: Interface to Amazon's Simple Storage Service (S3)
        mediawiki library and programs: Interfacing with the MediaWiki API
 google pubsub
        pubsub library and programs: A library for Google/SixApart pubsub hub interaction

Speaking of REST,

 RESTng library: A framework for writing RESTful applications.

And auth:

     windowslive library and program: Implements Windows Live Web Authentication and Delegated Authentication
    openid library: An implementation of the OpenID-2.0 spec.
    hoauth library and program: A Haskell implementation of OAuth 1.0a protocol.    

We've obviously not all there yet, but we have a way to get there --
write and improve code on Hackage. Galois is doing its part (we've
released dozens of web packages), but the other commercial users need to
help out too.

Join the Industrial Haskell Group and fund open source work. Or, if you
can, release some of the non-IP-encumbered things you work on!

-- Don

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