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Yes, Maybe The piece of the web that desperately need a boost in
performance, declarativeness, safety, static typing threading, modularity
etc etc etc  is the Web Browser.

2009/10/4 John A. De Goes <john at n-brain.net>

> With few exceptions, no such thing as a killer server-side app.
> The Web 3.0 paradigm is simple: all work except sharing and persistence of
> data is done on the client.
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> On Oct 3, 2009, at 9:08 PM, Mark Wotton wrote:
>  Hi,
>> I've been writing a little binding from Ruby to Haskell called Hubris (
>> http://github.com/mwotton/Hubris) which I think has some potential both
>> for making Haskell web apps easier to write, and also for bringing the more
>> adventurous Ruby programmers into the Haskell community. Code-wise it's
>> coming along nicely, and once 6.12 is out it'll run without modifications at
>> least on Linux (remains to be seen how long it'll take to get the Mac
>> patches into shape). My real problem is marketing: I need a killer app that
>> shows it's easy either to
>> 1. wrap a kickarse Haskell library in a convenient Ruby web app shell
>> 2. speed up a poorly performing Ruby web app
>> I've been badgering the Ruby guys in Sydney that I know on the second
>> point, but either none of them have performance problems, or none of them
>> want to admit it. The first is entirely possible - if you only attack the
>> subset of problems where your runtime is dominated by the database and
>> network latency, language performance is moot. Conversely, if that's your
>> worldview, the other problems that could be attacked won't ever come to mind
>> (to monstrously abuse the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis).
>> So, I'm asking you guys. What are some really nice Haskell libraries or
>> apps that could benefit from being shown off in one of the plethora of
>> slick, mature web frameworks that exist in Ruby? Manuel Chakravarty
>> suggested something with vector operations in order to take advantage of his
>> 'accelerate' library (once it gets a GPU backend, of course), and more
>> generally, something taking advantage of Haskell's support for multicore
>> would be cool. (The standard edition of Ruby is still unicore, I believe.)
>> Parenthetically yours,
>> Mark
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