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Haskell Weekly News
Issue 139 - November 14, 2009
   Welcome to issue 139 of HWN, a newsletter covering developments in the
   [1]Haskell community.

   Lots of good discussion this week about everything from Monoids to
   Memory Leaks, Parsers (for Token Streams) and pushing Haskell onto
   Medical devices! I could go on some long rant rife with really
   righteous alliteration or a touch of timely consonance, but instead
   I'll leave you all, my fellow Haskellers, to read your Haskell Weekly


   Two Open PhD positions at the Technical University Munich. Axel Simon
   [2]announced two PhD positions are open in Low-level and High-level
   analysis, see the post for details. (ED: Apologies for being so late in
   this announcment, it slipped under my radar! )

   Final CFP: WFLP 2010. Deadlines extended: Abstract due Nov 18; Full
   paper due Nov 25 (LNCS). Pablo Nogueira [3]announced a deadline
   extension for the WLFP 2010 conference, abstracts are now due November
   18, and full papers by the 25th.

   hesql. Christoph Bauer [4]announced hesql, a preprocessor for writing
   SQL statements in pure haskell.

   dbus-core 0.6 and dbus-client 0.2. John Millikin [5]announced the
   second release of his dbus libraries. Changes include performance
   improvments, better support for byte arrays, and TCP/IP transport
   (though this remains untested).

   simple-observer-0.0.1, a simple implementation of the observer design
   pattern. Andy Gimblett [6]announced an implementation of the Observer
   pattern in Haskell

   ICFP 2010: Call for papers. Wouter Swierstra [7]announced a call for
   papers for ICFP 2010.

   Calling all Haskellers in Huntsville, Alabama, or surrounding areas!
   Jake McArthur [8]announced the formation of a new Haskell User Group in
   Alabama. (ED: Apparently, Shae is the Johnny Appleseed for the Haskell
Community, #haskell, BAHUG, now AHUG... when will it end? )

   acme-dont. Gracjan Polak [9]announced the acme-dont package, providing
   a vital missed feature to our language -- a don't monad. See the post
   for all the revolutionary details.


   Could someone teach me why we use Data.Monoid? Magicloud Magiclouds
   [10]1fa7 gmane.comp.lang.haskell.cafe/66223 asked why we use monoids so
   much in Haskell.

   Least common supertype. Sean Leather [11]posed an interesting question
   about 'antiunification' -- finding a common supertype of two types
   which is 'most-constrained'.

   Long running Haskell program. David Leimbach [12]asked about managing
   memory leaks in long running programs.

   Parsec - separating Parsing from Lexing. Fernando Henrique Sanches
   [13]asked about using Parsec to parse a Token Stream.

   Help Haskell driving Medical Instruments. Philippos Apolinarius
   [14]talked about using Haskell to drive medical instruments.

Blog noise

   [15]Haskell news from the [16]blogosphere. Blog posts from people new
   to the Haskell community are marked with >>>, be sure to welcome them!
     * Neil Brown: [17]The Observer Pattern using a Broadcast Channel.
     * Martijn van Steenbergen: [18]GADTs in Haskell 98.
     * Mikael Vejdemo Johansson (Syzygy-): [19][MATH198] Multiple lectures
     * Andy Gill: [20]LAMBDA this week â ChalkBoard.
     * London Haskell Users Group: [21]Functional Programming Exchange.
     * Neil Brown: [22]The Observer Pattern using a Message-Passing
     * Luke Plant: [23]Is static type checking a redundant testing
     * Twan van Laarhoven: [24]Four ways to fold an array.
     * Martin Sulzmann: [25]Tag-free Combinators for Binding-Time
       Polymorphic Program Generation.
     * Luke Palmer: [26]Collision Detection with Enneatrees.
     * Dan Piponi (sigfpe): [27]Memoizing Polymorphic Functions with High
       School Algebra and Quantifiers.
     * Luke Plant: [28]Haskell blog software.

Quotes of the Week

     * c2.com: If you can program anything in HappS you actually already
       learned Haskell
     * Cale: Chew new Lasty ST Gum! It lasts until _|_!
     * danderson: [using unsafeFreeze for an ST action] that sounds like a
       way to shoot myself in the foot with high efficiency, given my
       knowledge of haskell.
     * BONUS: C++ is saner than something? imo C++ is like the guy that
       goes around shouting "I am napoleon!!!"
     * kmc:: (): worst monoid ever
     * DanWeston: Bottom has only one value, not two. Otherwise bottom
       would have been called buttocks.

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