[Haskell-cafe] ANN: wxHaskell

Jeremy O'Donoghue jeremy.odonoghue at gmail.com
Fri Nov 13 18:55:19 EST 2009

Hi all,

On behalf of the wxHaskell maintainers, I am very pleased to announce
the release of wxHaskell

The key feature of this release is that it is now possible to install
wxHaskell entirely using cabal on all targets (with a minor proviso on
Windows). The credit for this achievement is almost all down to new
contributor Brian Lewis, who has worked very hard to make this work
'just right', and given me (at least) an object lesson in how to use

The small proviso for Windows machines is that wxWidgets should be
built using MSys - none of the other compilers supported by wxWidgets
is currently working, but we consider this a small price to pay for
the convenience of getting a GUI straight from cabal.

For Unix machines which have wxWidgets 2.8.x installed, you should now
be able to install wxHaskell with a simple:

cabal install wx

For Windows machines, there are a few prerequisites:

1) You will need the Windows port of wx-config in your path. This can
be downloaded from http://wxconfig.googlepages.com/
2) You will need to compile wxWidgets using MSys. We have tested
against MinGW 5.1.6 with g++ compiler, MinGW Make, MSYS-1.0.11,
wxMSW-2.8.10, which are the latest versions, and can be downloaded
from their respective websites. I used a completely clean install of
the latest Haskell Platform to validate the procedure.

Please note: all commands to be entered in an MSys shell.

cd /c/path/to/wxWidgets-2.8.10/build/msw
mingw32-make -f makefile.gcc BUILD=release MONOLITHIC=1 SHARED=1 UNICODE=1

set PATH=$PATH:/c/path/to/wx-config
set WXWIN=/c/path/to/wxWidgets-2.8.10
set WXCFG=gcc_dll/mswu
cabal install wx

I will be updating the wxHaskell wiki to reflect these changes over
the next day or so.

Best Regards
Jeremy O'Donoghue on behalf of the wxHaskell maintainers.

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