[Haskell-cafe] call for help: FOSDEM devroom

Ganesh Sittampalam ganesh at earth.li
Sun Nov 8 15:57:53 EST 2009


I'm thinking of trying to get a devroom for haskell.org at the next 
FOSDEM, which is Saturday-Sunday February 6th-7th 2010 in Brussels: 

The idea would be to try to introduce Haskell to people at FOSDEM who were 
interested, and thus help build our ties with We'd try to have a few 
introductory talks about Haskell, and some demos etc. It would probably 
also make sense to talk about/demo darcs at the same time.

Apparently there's a lot of demand so it's a bit of a long shot, and I 
expect we'd only get one day, which is probably all we'd need.

To make this work, we'll need several reasonably experienced Haskellers to 
turn up to help out with the talks, demos and talking to people in 
general. I've got a couple of people interested already but need more.

So, please could you let me know, preferably within the next week, whether 
you would be interested in coming along and helping. You can email me 
directly or on-list as you prefer.

The deadline for actually making the application for the devroom is 22nd 



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