[Haskell-cafe] Small Japi binding for GHC

Philippos Apolinarius phi500ac at yahoo.ca
Sat Nov 7 19:44:04 EST 2009

JAPI is by far my favorite GUI library.  Since every machine has Java RE installed, JAPI offers GUI with a very small footprint. Besides this, it is very easy to code, and delivers GUI programs that are hardly larger than console applications. I use Jorlano's version of JAPI, coded for Java 2, which is very cool. I study Computer Science in a small college, and I always handle my homework in JAPI. When I  took functional programming one year ago,  the language chosen by Professor Lopes was Clean, that has a GUI.  However, I feel that JAPI is much easier than ObjectIO; therefore, I used JAPI for my homework.

So, I searched for JAPI bindings for Haskell. The only library I found was something called Small Japi binding for GHC.  The package  is incomplete, and  bug ridden. I wonder whether the author fixed the bugs, completed the package, and added more examples. I would appreciate if people could send me links to a complete Japi binding for GHC. In the mean time, I fixed the bugs of Small Japi Binding, and added a few important components (j_textfield, j_settext, j_gettext, j_button, etc.) Of course, a link to a more recent version of the official binding will save me a  lot of work.

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