[Haskell-cafe] What's the deal with Clean?

Richard O'Keefe ok at cs.otago.ac.nz
Wed Nov 4 16:14:38 EST 2009

On Nov 4, 2009, at 9:56 PM, Martin DeMello wrote [about Clean]:
> And a well-integrated GUI toolkit. If it weren't for the Windows bias
> I'd have definitely taken the time to learn the language.

The GUI toolkit was originally available on the Mac.
But now, ah, now!
"The Object I/O Library 1.2 is currently
  only available for the Wintel platform. "

The last time I tried Clean on a SPARC, using even the old
GUI toolkit required you to locate and install a graphics
library (XView) that Sun abandoned a _long_ time ago.

They have some _really_ interesting ideas about building web sites
using generics.

I paid for the Intel C compiler.  I'd pay for Clean, if only I
_could_ use it.

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