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Gour gour at gour-nitai.com
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On Tue, 3 Nov 2009 12:47:40 -0800
>>>>>> "Gregory" == Gregory Crosswhite >>>>>> wrote:  

Gregory> The problem with Leo is that although there are rarely
Gregory> performance problems when navigating and editing the outline,
Gregory> the text pane can be very slow at times when using the
Gregory> Tk-based GUI --- even on modern hardware --- because the
Gregory> syntax highlighter is written in Python. (Incidentally, as
Gregory> much as I love Leo, I also hold it up as an example of how
Gregory> slow scripting languages aren't always "fast enough" as their
Gregory> proponents claim.  :-) )  


Gregory> There are two solutions to this:  First, you can use the
Gregory> Qt-based Leo GUI, which uses the native C++ colorizer built
Gregory> into QtScintilla, which I have never had any performance
Gregory> problems with.  Since you (reasonably) really like
Gregory> haskell-mode in Emacs, though, you can alternatively use the
Gregory> Emacs plugin so that you end up using Leo to navigate through
Gregory> your code to the chunk that you want to edit, and then using
Gregory> Emacs to do the actual editing.  This might sound like an
Gregory> awkward setup, but I actually find that navigating in this way
Gregory> requires much less mental energy than scanning through
Gregory> multiple flat files to pick out the code that you want to edit
Gregory> next, and the plugin makes this type of workflow fairly
Gregory> painless.  

Thanks to your help, now I made Qt Leo to work with my Emacs. :-)

Gregory> Viewing Leo as a "meta-editor" is a good way to think about it.  

Good. Let me try to imbibe this view more...



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