[Haskell-cafe] fast Eucl. dist. - Haskell vs C

Claus Reinke claus.reinke at talk21.com
Mon May 18 09:28:25 EDT 2009

> My current best try uses the uvector package, has two 'vectors' of type
> (UArr Double)  as input, and relies on the sumU and zipWithU functions
> which use streaming to compute the result:
> dist_fast :: UArr Double -> UArr Double -> Double
> dist_fast p1 p2 = sumDs `seq` sqrt sumDs
>         where
>                 sumDs         = sumU ds
>                 ds            = zipWithU euclidean p1 p2
>                 euclidean x y = d*d
>                         where
>                                 d = x-y

You'll probably want to make sure that 'euclidian' is specialized to
the types you need (here 'Double'), not used overloaded for 'Num a=>a'
(check -ddump-tc, or -ddump-simpl output).

After that, unrolling the fused fold loop (uvector internal) might help
a bit, but isn't there yet:


And even if that gets implemented, it doesn't apply directly to your
case, where the loop is in a library, but you might want to control its
unrolling in your client code. Having the loop unrolled by a default
factor (8x or so) should help for loops like this, with little computation.


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